We take care of everything.

Processing your production orders quickly and efficiently is an important element of our customised service to clients. When you place an order with us, you are entitled to profit from all our expertise and support in the course of the production process.

  • Quality assurance
  • We provide quality assurance for your incoming raw materials and other commodities. Our laboratory performs almost all possible tests and procedures and it also conducts tests according to your own specifications. The obtained data will then be documented, filed and saved for future use according to your needs and requirements.
  • Product development
    Our assistance also includes developing and modifying your products. Our highly motivated product development staff will process your orders with utmost care and respect your objects as if they were their own. We are more than happy to assist you in optimising your preparations, products and procedures.
  • Purchasing
    We hold a stock of more than 400 chemical raw materials and we often buy larger quantities if required. Why not take advantage of our large purchasing volume and experience the many benefits which are offered by large orders. 
  • Logistics
    We daily deliver chemical products - often hazardous goods - to destinations all over the world by using various means of shipment, ranging from trailers over containers to small packets. Therefore we can offer favourable terms and conditions for logistic services to our clients. Why not rely on our expertise to provide competitive solutions and let us take a lot of the logistics burden off your shoulders.
  • Stock
    We stock everything required for our (and your) production tasks. In addition, we can relieve you of many of the chores which must be respected in terms of legal regulations, declaration requirements and stocking rates.
  • Cross-border transport
    We have several decades of experience in the smooth flow of cross-border transport. Calbe as a logistics centre offers excellent access to the European motorway network. In addition, the Magdeburg main customs office as well as important logistics service providers and quality control institutes are within reach.

Your task is to successfully bring about the sale of your product. Our task is to efficiently handle other aspects that slow you down, hold you up, distract you and cost valuable time and money. You have the necessary know-how, ideas and sales volume.

We can take care of the rest.