Calbe-Chemie Toll Manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing

Due to our technological capability and capacities we are able to mix almost all which is soluble in or miscible with water.

These services can be offered both for liquid (concentrate) or solid (powder) products. We have more than fourty years of experience in handling of sensitive substances and ambitious formulations. Our customers can benefit from this experience.

Solids (Powders)
Liquids (Concentrates)
Paste-like Products


Ask us ...

  • if you intend to manufacture chemical formulations without having capacities or capabilities available,
  • if you sell products outside your core business which you do not want to manufacture by yourself but which could be manufactured outside your company under your supervision and according to your formulae,
  • if products should be part of your business in future but you will not be able to produce them economically anymore,
  • if you are forced to invest to continue your manufacturing process or if you be obliged to improve it,
  • if you intend to go on with products with dicreasing annual volumes,
  • if new rules and / or regulations make your production process more expensive.